Kanab City Library


Art Exhibit at the Library!

We now have a space at the library for aspiring artists to hang their work. There is a mixed media show on display right now, but other artistis are welcome to talk with our library director, Dicki Robinson, about using the space in the future. You will find the work in the hall just before the multipurpose room – please take a look. For now, here are 2 images to give you an idea of what you will see when you visit!



Book Sale Going on NOW at the “Western Legends Roundup”

StackOfBooksLook for the Kanab Library’s booth in front of the old middle school and next to the Parry Lodge to purchase gently used books! The booth is open from Thursday,  August 21st through August 23rd from 9:00 am – 7:00 pm. We have a great selection of western-themed books that offer something for everyone. Remember, all money raised will be used to make the Kanab Library even better!


While You’re Reading…

Take a look at the beautiful bulletin board that Kathryn Keys did the Children’s Room. Thank you, Kathryn!BulletinBoard 

Prepare for Kanab Library’s Centennial!

LibraryBooksSepiaIf you have memories of the former Kanab Public Library or if you have any knowledge of Kanab’s previous librarians, we need your help! We are looking for: photos of the former libraries/locations, photos and/or information about the librarians plus anyone who may have been instrumental in establishing the library. The Centennial Year is 2015  and we are planning many fun and informative activities, so please check back for more information as 2014 progresses. Please email the library: kancitlib@xpressweb.com

 Love to read?

Join the Kanab Library Daytime Book Club!

Click Book Club Selections to see the books that have been selected by our members for the next several months. Simply ask about the joining the book club at the circulation desk. All books are loaned to club members and there is a monthly meeting on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the library at 1:30 pm for a lively discussion!
There is also an Online Book club. You can read about and join this great online discussion group by visiting: http://library.utah.gov/programs/ill/bookclub.html

State Library Online Book Club


Everyone On!

The Kanab Library, in conjunction with the Utah State Library and libraries across the country are participating in a program entitled “EveryoneOn” a public service program designed to make it easier, more accessible and more understandable for every person to learn about and to use the  resources available on the Internet.  Another benefit is “to eliminate the digital divide by delivering affordable high-speed Internet, computers, education and training to low-income Americans.” If you go to “Connect”, fill out the short survey to see what is available. This is a free 3 year project that started on 3-21-13. Please visit the site at:  www.everyoneon.org 


Kanab City Library serves the rural community of Kanab in the beautiful red rock country of southern Utah. Including the city residents, the library serves over 6,000 residents of Kane County and citizens living on the Arizona Strip. Because Kanab is centrally located to many national parks and scenic areas the library also serves  visitors during the tourist season. Kanab is located 4 miles from the Arizona border and 80 miles east of St. George, Utah.

New Quilts on Display

Quilts by Raising Kane Quilt Guild